Staying home, Fashion Feng Shui style

Bucharest – the 4th of May, 2020

From Romania with love

Corona virus took my normality away. I used to go to work every day, to drink the coffee that one of my colleagues at work used to do every day for everybody for more than 14 years, to walk to the subway and back, to have meetings and to go to lunch at some preferred restaurants almost daily. Our government declared state of emergency and it has been almost 2 months already since I am in quarantine, at home.

It cannot happen to me, but it is

As we all watched China struggle and adopt the most incredible solutions, we had the feeling it was a situation far away from Europe and that we are safe. Even when it was confirmed that the Covid-19 arrived in Europe, we took it lightly. It is just a cold and, anyway, it will affect seniors with other chronic diseases, mostly. I talked to my parents and told them to stay aware, not to wander around town, to have some provisions and to have some vitamin C included in their diet and that’s it, normal life continued.

It all begun to feel real when Italy started to report the number of deaths per day. After that, everything changed: all countries locked the borders, everybody begun to have some friend/relative with Covid-19, quarantine begun, restaurants, gyms and all, closed, everybody staying at minimum 1 meter distance from other on the pharmacy or market queue. No events, all canceled. Companies started to implement crisis protocols: stop production lines, all plans are on-hold, workers going home on undefined term, uncertainty and fear. Followed by economical collapse with no time-frame to know when it will end.

Then and now

Today I remembered how it felt during the 2008 crisis. I was executive director at a commercial vehicles company then, the crisis hit us hard and we never recovered. It was hard times, we had to let go home almost all our team and almost two years we struggled until we find another idea and grew from there. Let me tell you it was not fun at all.

But today, unlike 10 years ago, I did not felt the same fear and despair. I am concerned, but not despairing, not feeling that anxiety. Although all that used to be normal for me – my every day life, my business, my way of connecting with people – is not the same, now I have some added experience and tools to help me get trough this! And one of the most powerful tools that I have and I really love is FFS!

FFS as a survival tool

Since I discovered FFS and Evana’s book, in 2016, i managed to have an online image consultation with Sue Donnelly, and after that, 2 years later, I went to Spalding UK to meet her in person and become a licensed FFS Facilitator. For me, that moment was an important turning point.

As I searched and knew all my life that clothes must have also other meaning behind just to look good on a person, FFS put my synapses in order. From that moment on I knew I had discovered a very powerful system that can make the difference between looking good on the outside, comparing to feeling good on all levels and looking even better on the outside – and this feeling coming from a deep understanding of who I am, how I am and what I want.

I used to use FFS almost everyday, as I was leaving home: I used to put my intention and dress accordingly. Almost all my clothes are selected according to my primary and secondary essence (with some influences also, sometimes). But as I did not went to work everyday for the past 2 weeks, I skipped also applying FFS every morning. That created even more confusion in my head! It was something else from my normality I was not doing anymore. I was sad. Then, it hit me! Why not apply FFS to my home wardrobe? Who is stopping me?

Feeling the nurturing power of the Earth element

This was my first thought. During this period I felt like a drained battery, working on save mode. All information was coming from every direction, all new, all difficult to digest. I felt the need to be protected, nurtured. So, I turned to the Earth element in order to receive that comforting energy. I like checked patterns, I have one pijama in particularly that I like, the color is calm red (Fire element) with brown and mauve lines and yellow fine stripes on top of all – it look like a tartan pattern (Earth element). The fabric is cotton fluffy (a little Wood). I just plunge into it and it hugs me with warmth. And it looks nice, too, above all that.
A color that I would love for another PJ to have would be cappuccino brown – I am in an online search right now for it. All types of browns are a good idea for turning to the Earth element to feed us with energy these days.

Taking some trust and hope from the Water element

As I kept reading the headlines every day, I kept telling me that this quarantine and situation it will not last more than a month, tops! In my mind I needed a deadline for it, in order to have some sort of control and time frame. Without knowing that it is going to be over and when, some situations are very hard to digest. I have a business running, bills to pay, taxes and salaries due at the end of every month. Will I be able to go on? For how long? Will my business survive this coronav situation? Will we survive it?
Some opinions are saying that this is just the beginning, that the first part of the crisis will end in June and restart in October, for years to come. Hold on! Am I suppose to go trough it every year, for years, around 6 months every time? How to cope with something like that?

I remembered I had a dark navy PJ, with a warrior awl on it. The warrior awl is having feathers on it s head, like a shaman. The dark navy color gives helps me aquire depth, in order for me to understand beyond the superficial. It helps me think more deeply and reach a level that is beyond day to day struggle. That calms me and makes me confident in a good future. Also the warrior awl, being so serious and determined, makes me smile all the time.

Not stopping having fun inviting some Fire into the mix

After digesting the situation, for almost 2 months now we are functioning on crisis mode. I have even succeeded to mix my first cup of good drinkable coffee, at home! My living-room is partly my office and my bedroom is partly my gym. The system is beginning to work, the mind is beginning to relax and the heart to calm. What can I do more, anyway? I have my health, a house, husband, parents and friends in good health also, I have tons of ideas in case the actual business stops at some point, an above the average IQ and 2 skillful hands. Viruses can come and go, I should not fear, but live my life to the fullest! In quarantine for the moment, but that does not mean I cannot enjoy life! So I put some salsa music, dressed with my fatal combo: a mini ruffled sparkly skirt and a red top and danced! Life felt good!

Starting to think about getting out of quarantine

It’s May already. In Romania the situation is good, luckily, comparing to other countries. Mainly I believe it is because we are used that the medical system is not taking care of us and we manage ourselves most of the time, without relying on the system. Maybe this will be a good thing, this time, who knows?
Tomorrow is the 5th of May and me and my colleagues are planning our first day at the office. Our last day at the office was the 10th of March. All the girls in our team are thinking for weeks already what to wear for this festive moment. I have chosen a dress that I like very much, a perfect combination between Wood and Water – my primary elements. The dress in long and “flowy”, the color is green. I will put also my leader brown jacket – the Fire element. I am just looking forward for this day to come and also for many days lived in health, joy and lack of fear!